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Need Help with the Eviction Process?
Not Sure if Section 21 Notice or Section 8 Notice?

When letting out a property - whether you are an 'accidental landlord' with one property or a letting agent, professional landlord or property management company with a portfolio of several or many properties - you have enough worries making sure that the 'numbers work' in terms of return on your investment. However, when something goes wrong, what do you do then?

The last thing you want, bluntly, is to be caught up in a legal nightmare either coping with it all yourself or using unqualified middlemen. Section 21 notice requirements and the eviction process are not straightforward and, in reality, easy to get wrong. Section 8 notice requirements and the possession claim procedure leaves too many avenues of escape for clever tenants against unprepared landlords. Don't DIY, you'll get it wrong and cost you alot of time and money.

With our UK based legal team you get:

eviction-process Fully qualified and practising lawyers with full rights to conduct litigation - our specialist eviction barrister will utilise our 3 or 4 step tenant eviction process (tailored to suit your individual circumstances) in trying to get you out of your tenant difficulties as cheaply as possible but if litigation is needed, WE WILL DO IT ALL FOR YOU;

eviction-processFREE initial case review in order to determine whether you need our help and we will work out the best course of action for your particular case;

eviction-processTransparent, fixed fees so you know where you stand at the very outset. We know how the eviction rules and laws work and in particular how a District Judge in the County Court will look at your case (including your notice to evict) and so we know how much work would usually be involved. Only in exceptional cases would there be additional fees outside our pricing structure and even then, we would not carry out work without first agreeing the fees with you. So, for example, sending an initial pre-court action letter is just £47;

section-21-noticeNO-NONSENSE, STRAIGHT TALKING ADVICE from lawyers who know the court system and eviction procedure, understand the law and are expertly familiar with landlord rights, tenant eviction and the tricks and tripwires to look out for (tenants are getting ever more inventive and the free advice agencies are getting ever more clued up on what technicalities can buy a few more months for their tenants);

section-8-noticeConvenience: there is no need to travel to our offices to get your work done and we cover the entirety of England and Wales.

Section 21 and Section 8 Eviction At Fixed Fees

We specialise in providing cost effective, fixed fee yet optimal solutions to landlords in relation to problem tenants and other events which occur both during and after the lifecycle of a residential tenancy.

Our fully qualified and practising lawyers makes sure that problem tenants are evicted as quickly as possible and, if also desired, rents ultimately collected in. We understand the court process and can get you back in control of your property. WE ARE FULLY PRACTISING, QUALIFIED, INSURED AND EXPERTS IN THIS FIELD OF WORK.

To see how we can help you today, please contact us now via the web form at the top of this page or simply call us. We would love to hear from you and a lawyer will call you back to discuss your case, for free.

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